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Who we are - foodpanda in a nutshell
Foodpanda (formerly known as NetPincér) has been serving hungry Hungarians since 1999, who can place their orders via the website or from the foodpanda app. Founded in Hungary, the company is now part of the German Delivery Hero, with subsidiaries in over 50 countries. Foodpanda is currently available in 1000+ municipalities in Hungary, and we have recently expanded our own foodpanda delivery service - launched in 2018 - to 35+ cities.
Our customers can now choose from products of more than 6500 restaurant and business partners: whether it's a delicious breakfast, a quick lunch, the weekly shopping spree, a bouquet of roses or even a few fishing lures, foodpanda has what you need!
The responsibility of the panda
Green thinking is one of our core corporate values, and we strive to encourage our partners and consumers to operate and consume sustainably.
To set an example, since 2020 foodpanda has been 100% carbon neutral and neutralizes all greenhouse gases related to our operations, orders and deliveries.
Panda markets, our own network of grocery stores is increasingly sourcing products from local small-scale producers, reducing the environmental impact of transport. And by cooperating with the Hungarian Food Bank, we save and distribute nearly 50 tonnes of near-expired food to people in need every year.
Our restaurant supplier service, panda merchant, is steadily increasing its range of products made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients.
And as part of the rebranding, we donated used equipment that was still in good condition to animal shelters and our partner charities, including several organizations educating kids about how to live more sustainably.
We are also proud to further support our partner foundations through the foodpanda platform. Donations can be made to the following organizations via our virtual charity restaurants:
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The best trends in quick commerce
Our marketing manager Debóra Blaumann was the guest of RTL's Brandmania show, where she talked about the latest trends in quick commerce.
What will be on the table in the future?
Will there be no restaurants in the future? Is it possible that robots will soon be cooking our food? Or will they deliver our orders instead of riders? What is a ghost kitchen and how does it operate? Our guest is Zoltán Patai, CEO of foodpanda.
"As a courier, you have to be very smart in the big city"  
There's one profession that even pandemic times have not killed. In fact, it is thriving like never before. Without riders, life would come to a standstill as they deliver groceries, dinner or even official documents to our homes. We meet them often, yet we know little about who they are, how they work and why they like to cruise the city. So we interviewed a couple of cyclists, motorcyclists and car couriers.
foodpanda in numbers
(latest update: May 2022)
foodpanda in Hungary
Number of users: 2,000,000+
Number of restaurant partners: 5500+ 
Total number of business partners: 6500+
Number of rider partners: 4000+
Number of panda markets: 13
Number of municipalities we delivered to in 2021: 1200
Average time of delivery with foodpanda’s own delivery service in 2021: 30:46 
Delivery Hero globally 
Number of employees: 45,000+
Number of rider partners: 1,4 Million
Countries: 50+
Number of restaurant and business partners: 1.3 Million
Number of own grocery stores: 1,100+
Number of quick-commerce orders: 400,000+ / day
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